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The 11+ Holiday Learning Club, is a unique holiday club for BOYS and GIRLS intending to sit the 11+ examinations for entry into grammar and selective independent schools.
Your child will benefit from a structured personalised learning programme with tutor support and fun physical activities during the summer holidays.

During the summer club, you will be sent emails keeping you informed of your child's progress.

11+ Maths / Numeracy
Your child will cover the entire Mathematics syllabus from the National Curriculum up to and including Key Stage 2. Your child will be tested on all 56 different types of 11+ questions, in order to highlight areas requiring attention. We then work with him or her towards success in these areas.
11+ Verbal Reasoning (Optional)
Your child will be tested on all 26 types of verbal reasoning 11+ questions, in order to assess their logic and language skills. We work with your child to help build confidence in answering these types of questions. In addition, we offer daily vocabulary building sessions imperative for your child's success!
11+ Non Verbal Reasoning (Optional)
The 11+ Non-verbal Reasoning tests are not covered in the national curriculum at school. All 5 types of non verbal reasoning questions are covered and topics requiring attention are focused on to develop better understanding and build confidence.
11+ English / Literacy
Your child will cover the entire English syllabus from the National Curriculum up to and including Key Stage 2. Your child's skills in comprehension, grammar, punctuation and spelling will be tested in order to highlight areas requiring attention. We then work with him or her towards success in these areas.
Fun activities to stimulate learning
Vocabulary building sessions
Certificates to celebrate progress
There is the temptation for a child to spend the summer holiday period studying continuously or at the other extreme doing no work at all. At the Holiday Learning Club we aim to offer the perfect balance for a child on holiday. 

Research has shown that physical activity strengthens a child's ability to pay attention which then results in better performance on academic achievement tests. Your child will have periods of learning interspersed with periods of fun physical activity throughout the day.

Fun activity sessions
Our strategy at the 11+ Holiday Learning Club is to help your child excel in the 11+ exams by creating a club which integrates personalised learning with fun physical activity.
Personalised Learning programme
At the Holiday Learning Club, our approach is to identify your child's strengths and weaknesses when they join us. We celebrate their strengths and then focus on eliminating weak areas through a series of one to one, group teaching sessions with experienced 11plus tutors and specific re-tests in that area. A mixture of paper and computer based tests are used. We keep you the parent, informed of your child's progress by email.

Our aim is to ensure that every child who attends the Holiday Learning Club, masters and excels in the weak areas of the curriculum identified at the the time they were enrolled in the club. This formative, bespoke learning approach will ensure your child achieves their highest potential with increased confidence in readiness for the exam.
With a small club capacity, places are limited, so please book now.
We use a personalised learning programme designed by 11+ experts.
11+ Masterclasses
Pupils who enrol will have the opportunity to benefit from our popular 11+ Masterclasses which will be held in Week 1 from Monday 29th July to 2nd August 2019.  

* Maths masterclasses in Algebra, Fractions, Word Problems, Mental Maths and Percentages. 
* English masterclasses in Comprehension, Creative Writing, Non-Fiction Writing and Grammar.

For more information, please visit www.11plusmasterclass.homestead.com