About  11+ Holiday Learning Club

The Holiday Learning Club provides holiday club facilities for the parent whose child has 11+ exams ahead, yet needs to divide their time between further coaching and work commitments. The parent wishes to ensure their child incorporates regular periods of learning as well as fun activities during school holidays.

Traditional holiday clubs focus on fun activities, with little if any provision for the child who wishes to study. Traditional summer schools/ classes provide tuition for a few days a week often for only 2 or 3 hours a day.

The Holiday Learning Club will enable parents to go to work, safe in the knowledge that their child is benefiting from a personalised structured learning programme, whilst still having fun!
Excellent value for money with many 11+ success stories
Feedback to parents by email
Vocabulary building sessions
Focus on strengthening weak areas
Practice tests compiled by leading 11+ Bond author
Small group 11+ tuition
Specialist 11+ tutors available daily
Daily fun activities to stimulate learning
Featured in national newspaper
Club runs from 9am to 3.30pm daily
10 reasons why this is the best value holiday programme for 11+ pupils: